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Located on the East West highway - An Duong Vuong Rd, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh city. This complex consists of 3 blocks of 11, 15 and 19 floors on a total area of 1.7HA.

All of which including:

• Basement parking.
• 1st to 4th floor: trade area (supermarket, restaurants, and games area)
• From the 5th floor: high-end apartments.

The project started in the 2nd quarter of 2008 and will be completed by the 4th quarter of 2010. This will be the biggest trading - apartment building area in the region with more than 800 high-end apartments and a modern trade centre.




1. The project location:

The site is between the Binh Tan District and Ho Chi Minh City, which is close to the most favourable and biggest highway through Ho Chi Minh City situated at the corner of An Duong Vuong road and Western - Eastern Highway. The total area of construction is 17.582sqm consisting of 3 sections.

The first frontage of complex is along An Duong Vuong road which is the most important road connecting District 6, District 8 and Binh Tan district towards the West of Ho Chi Minh City.

The second frontage of the complex is the Trade - Apartment Buildings boasting the length of over 200 m, along the East-West Highway, starting near the Western end of East-West Highway - the biggest and most important 100 m wide highway linking the East and the West of Ho Chi Minh City. Being one of lifeline traffics in the South of Vietnam, this highway is given priority by the Ho Chi Minh City government with ODA capital and constructed by Obayashi & P. S. Mitsubishi Construction Company from Japan, and is in operation in December 2008.

Our project area is surrounded by:

• The East, with nearby residential areas including the Bao Chau Company Office and Phuoc Thanh construction material shop, with An Duong Vuong road, one of the main roads being 30m wide.
• The West is proposed for Apartment Buildings.
• The South neighbours with the Dat Linh garment company.
• The North, being the main frontage , faces the East – West Highway.


Present Infrastructure:
Currently the An Duong Vuong Road & the East-West Highway node is under construction. The electricity network is complete. Clean water supply from the City’s municipal system is installed along the East West Highway to start supplying water to the region in December 2008.

Base on survey records of the East - Western Highway construction companies.

2. Technical data:

- The total project area: 17.582sqm
- The total construction area: 6.846sqm
- The total area for trees & traffic: 9.777sqm
- Construction density : 39,89%
- Land use coefficient : 4.97

3. The target of the project:
- For the building of Apartment Buildings to satisfy residential demand for the Binh Tan District and Ho Chi Minh City.
- to provide high standard apartments for overseas repatriate in Vietnam (at present, the developer, Biti’s is under negotiation with companies from China, Korea, and Japan) and Biti’s staffs.
- For establishing Trading, Super market facility for the Project Apartment Buildings and surrounding area.
- to supply housing need to the wider public.

4. Project facilities
The project is divided into the following:

1/ Trade – Apartment Building area, 15 floors (including 3 stories, to have the same underground and ground floor), the total square area is 2.970sqm, make up 16.89%.
2/ Apartment Building area, 11 floors (including 3 stories, to have the same underground and ground floor), the total square area is 1,826sqm, make up 10,39%
3/ Apartment Building area, 17 floors (including 3 stories, to have the same underground and ground floor), the total square area is 2,205sqm, make up 11,66%.
4/ Land use for parks with the total square area 2.205sqm, make up 12,54%.
5/ Public houses with the total area of 959m2, make up 5,46%.
6/ Car parking, traffic with the total area of 7.580sqm, make up 43,07%.

5. Public houses with the total square area 959m2, make up 5,46%.

6. Car parking, traffic with the total square area 7.580sqm, make up 43,07%.






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