At HKL PACIFIC we make sustainable community development the first approach to our business. The Group is committed to achieve high standards through socially and morally responsible business solutions to make the world we live in a better place. To achieve this, we are also committed to support a number of initiatives in Education, Community Healthcare and International Medical programs through liaison with the relevant institutions, as well as Private Enterprises and Governments at the highest levels to achieve the programs objectives.

Our current Community Initiatives

Community Oriented Approach to Business (COAB)

In 2008, HKL PACIFIC and its associates has started preliminary discussions to enhance gold mining in Papua New Guinea with our specialist equipments, and to empower the local people of the region to plant specific crops that the mining company can then convert into methanol to provide fuel for mining equipments, and to export this methanol to worldwide market as a net income.
Through examples such as COAB, we provide a win-win advantage for all stake holders concerned and also help protecting our most valuable resources, our people and our environment.

International Medical Exchange Program (IMEP)

As a Group we aim to facilitate the Exchange of Knowledge and Skill by doctors in Australia and the Asia Pacific countries through initiatives like the International Medical Exchange Program (IMEP).
Through collaboration with Medical and Healthcare institutions like the International Health Centre of Curtin University of Technology in Australia, The Australian Council of Chinese Medical Association, the University Health Network of Canada and Modi Healthcare of India, together as a team we work towards providing the necessary supports for medical personels from Australia and the Asia Pacific region to participate in the IMEP program as part the effort to address Health care needs of impoverish communities in Asia and the Pacific countries.

International Medical Research Initiative (IMRI)

Together with the Australian Chinese Medical Association, our Group works towards providing doctors in the region direct access to Medical Research and Development networks through the continents. As a team we aim to facilitate participation of medical bodies from various countries in on-going researches through leading world networks as the University Health Network in Canada and China, with medical researchers in countries such as Australia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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