Our Network of Companies and Partners

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is an association of business organizations in India, with a nationwide membership of over 1500 corporates and over 500 Chambers of Commerce and business associations. Headquartered in the national capital New Dehli. FICCI is one of the main organizations to fund and support many governmental and non-governmental educational institutes.
With more than 500 businesses across the Western Australian regional chambers. the Local Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc (LCCI) is a highly motivated, non-profit business organisation which offers an extensive range of marketing-led products including fact-finding visits, promotions, sponsorship opportunities and special functions between Western Australia and the Asian countries through its Local Chambers Asia network. Through Local Chambers Asia in which our Chairman and Managing Director Mr Alan Huynh is a director, LCCI works to provide opportunities for its members to conduct business in Asian Countries such as China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.
The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is an independent, non-profit organisation seeking to promote interest in and understanding of international affairs in Australia. It provides a forum for discussion and debate, and seeks to collaborate with other organisations in Australia and overseas to assure an international view on current affairs, expand its knowledge and project Australia’s international image.
With a membership of over 100 of the leading banks from some 23 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asian Bankers Association (ABA) aims to provide a forum for advancing the cause of the banking and finance industry in the region and promoting regional economic cooperation. The ABA was established with the following primary objectives: to provide a venue for an exchange of views and information on banking opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region; to facilitate the meeting of bankers in the region in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship; to encourage joint activities that would enhance the role of its members in servicing the financial needs of their respective economies and in promoting regional development; and to undertake projects that will encourage trade, industrial, and investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.
Headed by Mr Tom Sottile, our Infrastructure Finance Advisor, Capital Link Corp. is an innovator of solutions for financing and business both in North America and internationally. With a global approach to solutions, The company responds to clients' complex business challenges with seamless solutions across industry sectors and national boundaries through an international network of financial institutions that work hand in hand to provide funds for its clients. These financial institutions are internationally recognised and accredited banking institutions, pension fund groups and major international funding corporations. Capital Link Corp. offers a wide range of specially tailored financing packages for infrastructure and development projects, corporate and commercial mergers, and asset and debt financing with extremely attractive terms and rates (OAC). The group can also provide businesses with advisory groups that can assist in tackling issues such as direct lobbying to governments, international legal assistance and various other solutions that will give clients a clear advantage over their competitors.
Modi is an Industrial Conglomerate in India, the group was form in 1933 and has been employing a dynamic workforce with diversification into various kinds of businesses, keeping in tune with the changing times and needs of its consumers and stakeholders.
UHN has been providing care to the community for more than 200 years, this network is a major landmark in Canada’s healthcare system and brings together the talent and resources needed to achieve global impact and provide exemplary patient care, research and education.
The Australian Chinese Medical Association is an organisation whose members are registered medical practitioners and medical students Being one of the best medical networks in Australia and the Pacific it provides a forum for professional and social exchange amongst its members. The organisation also actively promotes and conducts continuing medical education and research in professional skills and knowledge to benefit communities both at a national and international level.
DBM is a leading global outplacement, coaching, and career management firm providing services to private and public companies, not-for-profits and governments. When companies make decisions that impact careers, DBM provides services to support the organization, the employees who stay and the employees who need to leave. DBM also helps organizations and leaders improve their performance through coaching. DBM has a 40-year legacy of creating innovative best practice solutions, most of which have become industry standards. DBM has 200 locations around the globe serving 85 countries and has partnered with 70 percent of the Fortune 500 and 80 percent of the Global 500 companies.
Headed by our Corporate advisor, Mr Leigh Scott-Kemmis is the Managing Director of D.B.M. (Thailand) Co, Ltd, an international Recruitment Agency which provides career transition and out-placement services in Thailand and Vietnam.
Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd is a public listed company on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). Since 1995, Muhibbah has achieved the ISO 9002 certification in the construction sector, placing strong emphasis on quality and safety in every aspect of operations, and also the first construction company in Malaysia to have accomplished this. Muhibbah is well known for being a leader in core competence as fast track infrastructure builders in Civil, Marine and Infrastructure works which continues to be the major driver of the Muhibbah Group, Muhibbah also stands firm in the various discipline of Engineering Construction, both locally and internationally.
With over 40 years of establishment, the Cox Group of Architects has undertaken repeatedly virtually every type of projects from high rise office towers to warehouse conversions, medium density housing precincts to individual residences, shopping centres to small market places, international to boutique hotels, research centres, educational facilities, hospitals, law courts and transport infrastructure.
Being one of the largest of Australia’s national architectural companies with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra, and international offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with new projects and affiliate offices in Vietnam and S.E.A, the group strives for consistent standards of design and delivery, and regularly share knowledge, technologies and new approaches across the offices.
Kingsgate Consolidated Gold Mining Company Consolidated Limited Australian gold mining and exploration company operating a modern gold mine and developing mineral resources in Thailand. Kingsgate Consolidated Limited (Kingsgate) is a highly successful gold mining and exploration company, traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (KCN: ASX). The company owns and operates the low cost Chatree gold mine in central Thailand through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Akara mining limited, using world's best practice for safe, environmental and socially responsible operations.
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