Priority markets for our technology

HKL PACIFIC has identified various high net worth markets as its first priority for the promotion and application of its technology, this rational has many advantages, which includes the large number of international companies that are involved in this markets, and also the acceptance of new technology and improvements are always the key focus of many international companies.

Our markets by sectors include:
• Investments
• Consultancy
• Engineering & Technology
• Resource Sectors
• Agricultural
• Medical & Healthcare

The overall markets as listed below are very substantial as HKL PACIFIC with its IP is not limited to just one sector and is capable of utilising its IP technology on a worldwide basis:
• Mining – open cut and underground
• Oil and Gas – with respect to high viscous liquid
• Water – with respect to water bodies such as dams, lakes, reservoirs that have issues with sedimentation.
• Sewerage plants
• Acid and chemical plants
• Land and port development
• Industrial developments such as underground tunnels for rail and road projects

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