rail mining equipment



Our team at Koncept Engineering has undertaken to align itself with companies in Australia and China, such as KPMG, Atrico, Watermark and various global universities to assist Koncept Engineering in developing and commercialising these technologies for the global markets, with a view to joint ventures with large multinationals involved in the resource and infrastructure sectors.


Koncept Engineering has adopted a proven marketing approach for their engineering division, which incorporates identifying the needs and issues of their client base, in particular the minerals and rail transport sectors and providing innovative EPC solutions for these identified needs.

Koncept Engineering’s solutions include value added benefits such as improved safety in operation for operators & related personnel, greatly improved efficiencies of outcomes in work undertaken, ergonomics of operation for ease of use and greater production levels due to maintenance free down time, with effective maintenance regimes for live data monitoring for accurate scheduling of servicing and project cost forecasting.

Koncept Engineering is exporting technology and IP Patents along with their experience into such countries as China and other major industrial countries for rail infrastructures and mining sectors. As part of Koncept’s long-term marketing goals, joint ventures and shelf companies located in these countries are being undertaken.


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